Arpa-Sevan connecting tunnel (Armenia)

Projection of the part of the connecting tunnel construction, service tunnels costruction, building organization and the underground operations technology.
Construction Management Plan including technological solutions for the safe
building of the extended (48 km) hydrotechnical tunnel in difficult engineering-geological conditions (deep tunneling with appreciable rock pressure and explosion hazards).
The project also solves the issues of ventilation of the remote (over 2 km) faces
with ambient temperatures in the tunnel exceeding 40 ° C, and the issues of downhole pumping
through the water influx shafts (up to 1000 m3 / h).
Construction of precast concrete blocks, which can withstand pressures up to 350 t/m2, was designed and successfully implemented.
1964 - 1980.
Underground structures of various application.
Chief Project Engineer - A. Nagapetyan.